Some of My Art

My mom kind of gave me this idea, so I figured I’d share some of my art with y’all!

  • This is my most recent, I haven’t really done much art lately:
  • These are also kind of recent, realistic Pearl and Peridot from Steven Universe:
  • A bookmark I made for a book I was reading at the time, Gone by Micheal Grant:


  • Two pictures I made around the same time. My transition goals and Fandom head canons:
  • Undertale characters that I decided to do art of (left to right) Flowey, Asriel Dreemurr, and Chara:
  • More realistic photos of my two friends and a willow tree:
  • I designed the commencement flyer for my graduation:


  • Three art requests that I’ve done:
  • An anime version of one of my friends and a lotus flower that I did around the same time:
  • All characters from Homestuck that I drew around the same time:
  • A creepypasta girl that I made up: CW: GORE:


I hope you enjoyed, tell me which ones you like best in the comments! Thanks for reading! Also feel free to comment some of your art.


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