Some of My Art

My mom kind of gave me this idea, so I figured I’d share some of my art with y’all!

  • This is my most recent, I haven’t really done much art lately:
  • These are also kind of recent, realistic Pearl and Peridot from Steven Universe:
  • A bookmark I made for a book I was reading at the time, Gone by Micheal Grant:


  • Two pictures I made around the same time. My transition goals and Fandom head canons:
  • Undertale characters that I decided to do art of (left to right) Flowey, Asriel Dreemurr, and Chara:
  • More realistic photos of my two friends and a willow tree:
  • I designed the commencement flyer for my graduation:


  • Three art requests that I’ve done:
  • An anime version of one of my friends and a lotus flower that I did around the same time:
  • All characters from Homestuck that I drew around the same time:
  • A creepypasta girl that I made up: CW: GORE:


I hope you enjoyed, tell me which ones you like best in the comments! Thanks for reading! Also feel free to comment some of your art.


One thought on “Some of My Art

  1. Very nice artwork! The Lotus happens to be my favorite! Many of your pieces contain beautiful detail. Keep up the great work. Look forward to exploring your blog further and learning your story.


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