List of 121 Coping Skills

I’ve had a lot of problems with stress, depression, and body dysphoria. Coping skills have helped me a lot through the years, so I would like to share a long list of coping skills with you. Some I have used, some I haven’t I will mark the ones I have used before with an asterisk ‘*’. 

  1. Write*
  2. Draw*
  3. Read*
  4. Paint*
  5. Doodle on yourself*
  6. Put on fake tattoos
  7. Take a walk*
  8. Mindfulness meditation*
  9. Make lists*
  10. Talk to someone*
  11. Make a craft
  12. Write down what you’re feeling*
  13. Be assertive
  14. Set boundaries
  15. Watch something funny*
  16. Post on the internet*
  17. Answer other people’s posts*
  18. Listen to music*
  19. Play an instrument*
  20. Sing*
  21. Punch a pillow or punching bag
  22. Scream into a pillow*
  23. Just go outside and scream
  24. Just cry it out*
  25. Take a nap if you’re tired*
  26. Clean around the house*
  27. Sew or knit something
  28. Play with one of your pets*
  29. Hug a stuffed animal
  30. Go shop or shop online*
  31. Do your makeup or paint your nails
  32. Take a hot bath or shower*
  33. Use aromatherapy
  34. Dance
  35. Go outside and look at the clouds/stars*
  36. Go for a drive
  37. Stretch or do yoga*
  38. Plan an event
  39. Plant a flower
  40. Get a massage*
  41. Put on some scented lotion
  42. Put band aids or draw where you want to self harm*
  43. Play a video game*
  44. Play with children’s toys
  45. Clean your room*
  46. Organize things*
  47. Do a puzzle
  48. Look online for your dream home/car*
  49. Rearrange your furniture
  50. Try to learn a new language*
  51. Write a letter to someone
  52. Do a random act of kindness*
  53. Pick up litter
  54. Start a collection
  55. Make a to do list*
  56. Make a list of things you want to accomplish in the future*
  57. Take a break or vacation*
  58. Look up inspirational quotes*
  59. Write down your strengths
  60. Discover a new band/artist*
  61. Play a sport
  62. Eat something healthy*
  63. Make time for yourself
  64. Spend time with family/friends*
  65. Color in a coloring book
  66. Look up new words and use them
  67. Ride your bike*
  68. Go somewhere new
  69. Visit a museum
  70. Go to a library
  71. Make something out of clay
  72. Watch a documentary*
  73. Watch your favorite show*
  74. Hug someone*
  75. Smile at people*
  76. Laugh*
  77. Learn a poem/play/song*
  78. Window shop
  79. Alphabetize your books/CDs/movies
  80. Look up weird facts
  81. Search for ridiculous things on the internet*
  82. Look up recipes and make a meal*
  83. Exercise*
  84. Take an online class*
  85. Send an email
  86. Go out into nature and admire
  87. Do deep breathing*
  88. Drink some tea*
  89. Play a board game/cards
  90. Learn a magic trick
  91. Go to the park
  92. Ask for support*
  93. Hyperfocus on something*
  94. Think of everyone who loves/cares about you*
  95. Squeeze a stress ball*
  96. Read comics
  97. Go people watching
  98. Go bird watching
  99. Volunteer
  100. Contact a hotline/therapist*
  101. Wash dishes
  102. Eat something sweet (in moderation)*
  103. Jump on a trampoline
  104. Smell flowers
  105. Smell perfume
  106. Catch yourself if you’re over thinking*
  107. Go for a swim
  108. Pick flowers
  109. Mow the lawn*
  110. Make pottery
  111. Watch a painting show
  112. Watch ASMR videos*
  113. Look up beautiful/inspiring pictures*
  114. Listen to someone else laugh*
  115. Pet animals*
  116. Declutter*
  117. Do a crossword
  118. Do a word search
  119. Enter a drawing/contest*
  120. Make jewelry
  121. Try a new food*

Different coping skills won’t work for everyone, but hopefully you’ll find something that is useful for you!

Help Resources

If you are feeling or experiencing:

  • Suicidal Thoughts
  • Self-harm
  • Depression
  • Stress/Anxiety
  • Grief
  • Eating Disorders
  • Physical Abuse
  • Emotional Abuse
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Isolation/Loneliness
  • Relationship Issues
  • Bullying

Please call: 1-800-273-8255


Text “CONNECT” to 741-741




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