The Circle: Movie Review

I haven’t posted lately, but I went to see The Circle  today and thought I would do a review on it.

This new thriller starring Harry Potter star, Emma Watson and directed by James Ponsoldt isn’t marketed as a horror movie but it definitely gave me the creeps. With a low score of 16% on the popular movie critic site Rotten Tomatoes, I don’t think they gave it as much credit as it deserves. To me it seemed very well thought out, though I wasn’t a big fan of the ending. Like any movie though, it has good and bad qualities.

Overview of the Movie

Mae (Emma Watson) starts out at a low-end job answering phones for angry customers, then gets a call from her good friend saying that she has gotten Mae an interview for her dream job, working at The Circle. When she makes a big mistake, the company’s founder Eamon (Tom Hanks) gives her a chance to redeem herself. She takes the offer and starts broadcasting everything about her life to millions of viewers across the world. That’s when things start taking a turn for the worst. This costs her a dear friend so she decides to get revenge on the company.

Let’s Talk About the Good First!

I feel like this was a really well thought out movie that keeps the audience involved in the character’s story. With plot twists and things to get you thinking, even with my ADD it kept my attention pretty well. Which is saying a lot, since I squirm through most movies. It shows some of the flaws with broadcasting our lives out to everyone and how one little mistake could make a huge impact on a lot of people. Following technology, it shows how easy it is to spy on someone’s every move and how power-hungry some people really are.

On to the Bad…

Although this was a pretty great movie, it still has it’s downsides. One of them being the many plot holes throughout the film. There are many things that aren’t explained or even followed up on. The next thing I have to criticize is the ending.

It seems as though the ending didn’t sum up the film like it should have. As my fiance puts it, it was ended sort of ambiguously. While I have found that there is no sequel in the works, the ending seemed to point to a second movie. A lot of things are left open-ended and not a lot of things were explained. When the ending came, I didn’t think the movie was actually over to be quite honest.

Final Thoughts

While I thoroughly enjoyed the movie I can understand how many people may not have liked it. Of course, like any movie it has good and bad qualities. If I had to rate this movie I would give it a modest 3/10. Still not too good, but still not as bad as some people are rating it.


I do not own nor do I claim to own the feature image for this post. I am not nor am I claiming that I have anything to do with this movie or its affiliates. I’m purely putting out my own opinion from having watched the movie.


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