50 Ways to Show Someone You Care

We all have someone we care about, whether it’s your romantic partner(s), platonic partner(s), friends, or family. Sometimes we just aren’t sure how to show it. Here are some ways to show those people that you care. 

  1. Tell them thank you when they do something for you.
  2. Tell them how much you appreciate them.
  3. Tell them how proud you are of them.
  4. Ask if they are okay.
  5. Tell them how much you love them, whether it be romantically or platonically.
  6. Cook/bake them something.
  7. Make them a gift.
  8. Send them a card/letter in the mail.
  9. Give them a hug/kiss.
  10. Write an appreciation post.
  11. Give them a compliment.
  12. Tell them how/why they inspire you.
  13. Tell they how/why they make your life better.
  14. Make them feel included in your life.
  15. Ask them how their day went.
  16. Taking a sincere interest in their hobbies/passions.
  17. Ask them what they want to do.
  18. Pay attention to them.
  19. Do a chore for them that you know they hate (even if you hate it too).
  20. If they need space, respect that.
  21. Include them in your future plans.
  22. Run a bath for them.
  23. Get them something for self-care (journal, stress ball, drawing materials, a book, etc.).
  24. Help take care of them when they’re sick or injured.
  25. Not watching ahead if you’re watching something together.
  26. Start something healthy with them (eating healthy, working out, etc.).
  27. Try and get along with their friends.
  28. Give them something of yours that reminds you of them or something they did.
  29. Ask if there is anything that you could help them with.
  30. Try new things with them, even if they are out of your comfort zone.
  31. Introduce them to something new.
  32. Praise them when they do something that may be challenging to them.
  33. Be there for moral/emotional support.
  34. Get them something that they have been wanting for a while.
  35. Get them a promise ring. I know a lot of people imply this as something romantic, but it isn’t solely that. You can get a promise ring for any promise. (I promise to stay in your life, I promise not to (insert here), I promise to always love you, I promise to never lie to you, I promise to always be your friend, etc.)
  36. Surprise them in some way.
  37. Just spend the whole day with them, giving them your undivided attention.
  38. Listen.
  39. Be honest with them.
  40. Look out for them.
  41. Defend them in an argument.
  42. Talk about your views on something in a civil way, even if you disagree.
  43. Remember the small things about them.
  44. Notice when they aren’t feeling theirself.
  45. Do something you enjoyed as a child together.
  46. Trust them with secrets.
  47. Keep your promises to them.
  48. Pack a note with their lunch, or just leave nice notes for them in random places.
  49. Make time for them in your day.
  50. Send them an email/text when you’re thinking about them.

That’s it for this post. Go out and show someone that you care today. If I missed anything, be sure to put it in the comments!


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