Our Pets

As I mentioned in my blog post yesterday, we have three pets that live with, my boyfriend, his mother, and I. So, I thought today I would make a blog post specifically about them. Their names are: Teddy Bear, Molly, and Juno.

Teddy Bear

This is Teddy Bear, he’s a Peekapoo (mix of Poodle and Pekingese) pup. He’s about two years old and was bought from a breeder by my boyfriend’s mom. As skinny as he is, he eats like a cow. Most of the time when we eat, he has his paws on our legs begging for food, no matter how much he has been fed before (tonight he had like six hot dogs and still wanted more). He must run it off, since he is a very energetic dog.

He’s a total sweetheart when he’s not peeing or pooping everywhere. As far as smarts, he’s very intelligent, but not very bright if that makes any sense. He knows: sit, speak, growl, spin, high five, and bang (play dead). Yet, if we see a mouse running around we point it out to him and he still looks elsewhere before looking where we pointed and yelled, “LOOK TEDDY A MOUSE!” His favorite toys are his light up bouncy balls.



This is Molly, she’s a pug. She’s about eight years old and still puttering along. My boyfriend and his mom took her and Juno in when their owners passed away. She has a couple of breathing problems from her previous owners’ smoking habits and also due to the shape of her nose. Her breath is stinky, but we love her anyway. It took them about a year to get the smell of smoke off of her. Her favorite toys are her squeaky toys and stuffed animals.

In addition to being a total cutie, she’s very loving and cuddly. When you have her sitting in your lap, she’ll either lean against you, or give you a puppy bath. She doesn’t know any tricks. Now she’s a bit too old to learn them, but she’s still a very well behaved dog. While your playing video games or watching a movie, she’ll curl up in your lap and fall asleep.



This is Juno, our happy little American Eskimo dog. She’s around six or seven and still plays like a puppy. My boyfriend and his mom took her in at the same time as Molly, they were from the same place, but it didn’t take as big of a toll on her as it did Molly (who is old for a pug) but she does have seizures. She’s shy and will nip, growl, and bark at strangers. For some reason, I only had to visit a couple of times before she warmed up to me, which takes far longer for others. Her favorite toy is a laser pointer.

She’s a fluff ball of joy and is a sweet dog once you get to know her. She’s very smart, she knows: sit, speak, and growl (still a work in progress). I plan on teaching her more as time allows. I know when Carl and I move out together, were taking her with us. If it storms she runs for Carl and I to comfort her, she hates the thunder. She also enjoys nice long car rides, especially past the “big dogs” (horses).




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