Top 10 Cutest Dog Breeds

Who doesn’t love dogs? People with no heart. Here is my opinion of the top 10 cutest dog breeds. 


#10: Norfolk Terrier 

This cute little pup is a Norfolk Terrier. They are known for being very alert, fearless, and fun-loving. They are very smart, great with kids, and are cool being by themselves or with other pets.

#9: Pugs

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These pups are pugs and they stay this cute their whole lives. They are very even-tempered, have a playful personality, and are very loving and outgoing in nature. Pugs are the perfect pet for children, they’re very trainable, but when it comes down to it, they thrive more in a group setting than by themselves.

#8: Pomeranian

This fluffy pup is a Pomeranian. They are best known for their lively, bold, and inquisitive nature. They’re pretty good with kids, they get along well with other pets and are very trainable. While they get along fine on their own, they would rather be kept with other pets.

#7: Peekapoo

This cute pup is a Peekapoo. It’s our Peekapoo, Teddy Bear, to be exact, with my boyfriend holding him. I couldn’t find many good pictures that looked like him so, I’m posting a few of my own. These dogs are known for being loyal, affectionate, and pretty protective. They are great with kids and other dogs. They’re also very intelligent and pretty easy to train as long as you’re patient, our Peekapoo knows: sit, growl, speak, spin, high five, and bang (play dead). Peekapoos don’t tolerate being alone well and thrive in groups (we have two other dogs).

#6: Golden Retriever

This cutie patootie is a Golden Retriever. In addition to being fun, friendly, and loving, Golden Retrievers are very intelligent and make good guide dogs, hunting dogs, and search and rescue dogs. They are perhaps one of the best pets for children and very trainable. They are great with other dogs and dislike being alone.

#5: American Eskimo

This cute fluff-butt is an American Eskimo. These dogs are known for being playful, perky, and smart. They are pretty good with kids and are super trainable. They love other pets, but they are completely fine on their own.


#4: Toy Poodle

These little fluffers are Toy Poodles. They are known for being proud, very smart, and active. With kids, they’re great and of course, very easy to train. They can be on their own, but prefer being around other animals.

#3: Pit bull

These heckin’ cuties are Pit bulls. They sometimes get a bad reputation, but these big bundles are actually full or bravery, they’re also gentle, and very clever. They’re marvelous with children and very fast learners. They love being with other pets and hate being alone.

#2: Husky

This silly ball of fur is a Husky. These dogs are best known for being mischievous, loyal, and outgoing. They are incredibly kid friendly and can be trained if you have the patience. They are good with other pets and hate being alone.

#1: Shiba Inu

This smiley little cutie takes the number one spot in my opinion, this is a Shiba Inu. These dogs are known best for being alert, active, and attentive. They’re pretty good with kids and are easy to train if you have the patience. They like other pets, but would rather fly solo.

Honorable Mentions: 



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